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Reuse Old Magazines

on May 3, 2012

Both of my kids were feeling a little under the weather and a lot stir crazy.  So when I suggested that we get crafty, they were all over it.  I had a ton of old magazines that I was going to throw out but instead decided we could turn them into cute pencil cups. I watched a video tutorial that I found somewhere on YouTube on how to roll the magazines. WOW! There are so many cool craft ideas out there using old magazines. I really want to try making beads out of magazines – they look so pretty.  Anyway, back to the Recycled Magazine Pencil Cup…

Supplies we used:  Old Magazines, Glue, Scissors, Pencil &  Soup Can

Here is the mess we created:

And here is Caleb’s New Pencil Cup:

This project kept the kids busy for a few hours and they were proud of the finished product.

I found several fun ways to reuse old magazines at  I think we will try this project next, Paper Flowers:    What a great teacher appreciation gift idea, paper flowers with a note attached saying:  “Thank you for helping me grow.”

Happy Paper Crafting to you!



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