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Wrapping Up The School Year

on June 14, 2012

Summer school vacation is here! We’re busy making lists of fun things to do this summer. It’s also the time to clean out backpacks & lunch boxes (or throw them away if they took a beating this year).  And organize all those school papers!

How do you organize all the school papers & report cards you want to save?  I have files marked for each child and the grade they are in.  I’m going to sort through those files and make sure I’m only saving special papers. I also put a school picture on the outside of each file.

I want to take the organization a step further and figure doing it now (like this week) will help prepare us for when the new school year starts.

I found this idea on Pinterest from Living My Life On Purpose:

Image from Living My Life On Purpose

Very organized & colorful, don’t you think?

With this filing/organization method I’m all set until High School Graduation 😀

Oh, and I found all the colored hanging file folders that I need for both kids from a garage sale for only $2! Score!

Just a little variation, because I know that I will be too lazy to go to the filing cabinet in my storage closet where all the files will be hanging.  I will continue to keep just the current grade in my office desk and switch out at the end of each school year. If it’s not convenient I won’t keep things organized.

Another thing I did to help prepare for the next school year is put both kids school supply lists onto one sheet of paper that I’m keeping in my purse so throughout the summer, I can pick up school supplies when I find them on sale.  Plus, the teachers have a wish list of supplies that I want to help with.   I thought that I was getting a head start last school year when I started the shopping in middle August but quickly discerned by the empty shelves and crowded stores that I hadn’t started early enough!

Well, it’s time to take the kids outside to swim because it is day one into summer vacation and you guessed it, they are already bored! 😉

Happy Summer to you!

P.S. Feel free to leave me a comment and let me know how you keep school papers organized.  Stop by and say hello to us on facebook too! Thank you! 😀


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