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Turtle Pudding & Brownie Yumminess

on June 16, 2012

Turtle Pudding with brownies and cool whip.

Turtle Pudding & Brownie Yumminess

Here is a delicious dessert that took only 5 minutes to make. (Only 5 minutes because the brownies were already made. Even with making the brownies, this is a super easy dessert.)


  • Brownies (The brownies can be homemade or store-bought. If homemade, for a healthy substitute use pureed black beans instead of oil, water & eggs.)
  • Pudding (I used, Jello Brand-Turtle Pudding)
  • Cool Whip
  • Toppings (Crumbled brownie, nuts, chocolate chips, sprinkles, etc.)

My daughter helping me out 🙂

Simply layer crumbled brownies and pudding in dish, add some cool whip and toppings of your choice.  YUM!!

layering the brownies & pudding

Easy as that!

Turtle Pudding, Brownie & Cool Whip Yumminess 🙂

Happy Dessert Making to you!

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