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Backyard Camping

on June 19, 2012

Camping is a wonderful way to bring the family together.

Good news: Saturday, June 23rd is the Great American Backyard Campout!  Families can save money and any packing troubles by creating a memorable camping experience in their backyard.

Why not invite some of your friends to campout in your backyard too!

Supplies you might need for your backyard camping adventure 🙂

What will you do for fun?  How will you keep everyone entertained?

Well, Parenting magazine has some fun before dark and after dark activities:

Stargazing is also a nice, relaxing after dark activity.

For a list of Campfire Songs and Stories, visit here:

What will you eat?

If your city allows an enclosed fire pit, you can roast marshmallows and hot dogs over the fire.  If not, a barbecue grill offers an alternative that still gives a camp-like feel to your food.

Hot Dogs/Hamburgers

Grilled Corn


Fruit Kabobs

Chips & Salsa

Family Fun Magazine has some fantastic snack ideas, check these out!

How about a Smores Bar? Delicious idea:


Necessary ingredients for your s’mores 😀

For more camping ideas:

Hope this gave you some fun ideas to plan your very own backyard camping adventure.

I must say, my idea of camping is in a nice comfy hotel room. But, my kids think they want to try backyard camping.

So, we will be taking on this camping adventure and will share pictures and stories after it’s come to a “successful” end.

Happy Camping to you!


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