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Margarita Time!

on June 21, 2012

How about a delicious frozen margarita?

Frozen margarita essentials 🙂

I found an easy way to be able to enjoy a frozen margarita with just a little prep work.

I took the mix and filled ice cube trays:

The margarita mix frozen in ice cube tray

After frozen I popped the cubes in to a freezer bag and labeled.

Margarita Cubes

Hubby wanted a frozen margarita last night, no worries I had one ready in 2 minutes!

Pop those cubes in the blender and add your tequila!

This was much easier than using the mix, ice cubes & tequila. The margarita mix cubes were much easier & quicker to blend. Literally, blended in about 30 seconds.

Voila! A delicious frozen margarita!

Ready to enjoy!

Happy Margarita Making to you! 😀


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