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Apple Month

on October 3, 2012

October is National Apple Month

“The flowers of the apple are perhaps the most beautiful of any tree’s, so copious and so delicious to both sight and scent.” — Henry David Thoreau, Wild Apples

How are you celebrating? With a trip to the Apple Orchard?, Baking an apple pie? Or by working to keep the doctor away by eating an apple a day?

To help you celebrate apple month, I put together a fantastic Apple Board on Pinterest, be sure to check it out it is loaded with apple food recipes, apple crafts and apple decorations! Check it out here:

Here is a recipe for Apple Pie Croissants – Yum!

Mmmm, Apple Pie Croissant

Did you know that, 2,500 varieties of apples are grown in the United States? And, 7,500 varieties of apples are grown throughout the world. Wow!  How many different varieties have you tried, or can you name?

Here are some more apple facts:

  • Apples come in all shades of reds, greens, and yellows.
  • Two pounds of apples make one 9-inch pie.
  • Apple blossom is the state flower of Michigan.
  • The crabapple is the only apple native to North America
  • Apples are fat, sodium, and cholesterol free.
  • A medium apple is about 80 calories.

Apple are not just delicious and pretty to look at, they are also very good for you.

According to Best Health here are 15 health benefits of eating apples :

1. Get whiter, healthier teeth

2. Avoid Alzheimer’s

3. Protect against Parkinson’s

4. Curb all sorts of cancers

5. Decrease your risk of diabetes

6. Reduce cholesterol

7. Get a healthier heart

8. Prevent gallstones

9. Beat diarrhea and constipation

10. Neutralize irritable bowel syndrome

11. Avert hemorrhoids

12. Control your weight

13. Detoxify your liver

14. Boost your immune system

15. Prevent cataracts

Apples are loaded with health benefits!

However, working in the dental world for so many years moves me to add that after eating an apple, it’s still important to brush your teeth. While apples provide many dental health benefits, they still have sugar and acid in them which can damage the teeth. 😉

I shall close my post celebrating apple month with a couple of apple jokes:

Q- What do you get if you cross an apple with a shellfish?
A- A crab apple !

Q- How do you make an apple turnover?
A- Push it down hill.

Q- What kind of apple isn’t an apple?
A- A pineapple.

Q- If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, what does an onion do?
A- Keeps everyone away.  😀

Happy Apple Month to you!

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