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GLAD Press’ n Seal Clever Uses

on November 30, 2012

GLAD Press’ n Seal Clever Uses & Tips

I remember buying GLAD Press’ n Seal wrap when it first came out and liked it well enough.  I had forgotten about it until the other night when I was reading Family Fun Magazine and they shared a clever use for it – a Press’ n Seal Art Bib:

Source: Press’n Seal Art Bib via Family Chic &

Pretty clever, huh?  I prefer that my daughter use a washable apron first but she is so inclined to wipe her little hands on her clothes when working on any project that could even remotely turn into a messy project so having GLAD Press’ n Seal handy appears to be a wise idea for me.

According to the GLAD website, Press‘n Seal® wrap actually seals to a variety of surfaces like paper, plastic and wood.  And it can be used in the microwave with no problem.

So what other clever uses are there for GLAD Press’ n Seal?
Protect your refrigerator shelves:

Source: Offbeat Home

Easy way to protect your refrigerator shelves from messy spills.

Inexpensive way to Transfer Vinyl

Source (& tutorial) :

Real Simple shared this idea:

Press’ n  Seal Wrap as Fixture Protector 

Source: Real Simple

During home repairs and painting, use the wrap to keep dirt and drips away from vents, lamps, and other household items, just tear, press, and seal.

And this one is probably my favorite of them all…

Single serving food storage

Source: The Tiny Twig

The Tiny Twig says: ” Method I use for “single-serve” freezing. You can use this tip for other “liquidy”-ish things, too. I think it would work well for small portions of pesto,  pasta sauce, yogurt for smoothies, single serve applesauce portions.”

This would be great for broth & baby food too!

Have a painting project coming up?  Try this one:

Paint Tray Cover


Did you know that GLAD Press’ n Seal has many, many more uses?  Check out their site for more ideas: Glad Press’ n Seal Uses

Here are a few more:

During the winter,  use a sheet to cover the mail slot in the front door.  (Will look much nicer than the duct tape!)

Protect kitchen counters: Cover the counter top to roll out a pie crust.

Have a broken bone?  Use Press’ n Seal to cover a cast in the shower.

Refrigerator note – write a note on Press’ n Seal and stick to the refrigerator.  (My sticky notes always fall off)

I wasn’t asked by the GLAD people to write this nor am I being paid by them, I just thought I would share some of these ideas that I recently discovered for using Press’ n Seal.

I don’t even have any in the house right now, however, it is on my shopping list.

Happy Press’ n Sealing to you!

~Betty 😀

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