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I can’t find a pencil! ~ Organizing Homework Supplies with Totes.

on December 4, 2012

Homework Totes

“I can’t find a pencil!”   “This pencil isn’t sharp!”   “Where are my scissors?”   Words I would often hear when it came time for my kids to do their homework.  Drove me crazy!

It was time to find a solution to this homework madness.

So I made these cute little homework totes.

Homework Tote

I bought the totes for only a dollar 🙂

I cut down and glued toilet paper rolls to the inside to hold the pencils, scissors, etc.

Personalized the totes for each child (need to add my daughter’s name to hers)

These totes hold all the homework supplies that they typically need each day.

When it’s time for them to do their homework they simply grab the tote and bring it to the table.

Works like a charm! Best of all, I no longer hear the dreaded words,  “I can’t find a pencil!”

I would love to hear about your homework organization solutions and ideas. Feel free to comment below.

Happy Homework Organization to you!


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