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25+ Fun Activities and Ideas to End School Break Boredom

on December 22, 2012

Fun winter activities during school break

School Winter Break to kids, means non-stop fun at least that is what they are expecting.

We know that’s not possible, especially because many parents still have to work while the kids are on break.

I put together 25+ School Break Boredom Buster Ideas & Activities. Many are low-cost and most are FREE!

These activities can be done in a play group setting, just as a family or with friends.

FLOOR TIME ~ Play Legos and or Barbies with your kids!

JIGSAW PUZZLE ~ Work on putting a puzzle together individually & as a family.

MUSIC TIME ~ Turn up the music and dance!!

VIDEO CAMERA ~ Give the kids your video camera and let them make their own movies. They LOVE this!

PICTURE TIME ~ Give them their own camera and let them take pictures of themselves, things around the house, or even outside. I’m always fascinated at seeing photo’s from their perspective.

CHARADES ~ Play charades, put on a comedy/talent show.

LIBRARY – FREE! Check out some books, movies, video games and music.

BOOK STORE – The kids love visiting Ukazoo (local new & used book store)

ICE SKATING – Indoor or Outdoor Ice Skating

ROLLER SKATING ~ One of my favorites 😉

SLEEP OVER ~Let the kids invite some friends for a sleep over. (Movie, Junk Food, No Bedtime, Games, etc)

BOWLING ~ You know you love wearing those super stylish bowling shoes!

BILLIARDS ~ Go shoot some pool.  

PARKS ~ Check out one of our many Beautiful Metro Parks.

SALON ~ Go get a pedicure & manicure with the girls.

THEATER/MOVIES ~ Ticket prices cheaper during the day.

MOVIE NIGHT-IN ~ Popcorn, treats, comfy pj’s and a good family movie.

FAMILY Videos ~ Watch old family videos together (kids LOVE watching themselves)

GAME DAY ~ Get out the Board Games & Cards and set up game stations. Serve snacks & have fun!

BAKING ~ Bake and deliver treats to friends & family.


  • Teach your kids how to make a simple meal
  • Make a meal/soup for a friend and deliver to them. Let the kids take the meal up to the door, they’ll love surprising someone with dinner.

CRAFTING TIME ~ Get all the craft supplies out, gather little odds and ends from around the house (look in the junk drawer), empty tissue boxes, & paper rolls, soup cans, etc. and let them create!

SLEDDING ~ If there is snow of course. (Check out our fun Winter Activities & Craft Board on Pinterest)

POOL ~ Community Indoor Pool

MUSEUM ~ Visit local museums,

Local friends:

Ford-MacNichol Home – Wyandotte – FREE

Ann Arbor Hands on Museum – $10

Henry Ford $17 & $12.50


Local Friends:

Splash Universe – Full & Half Day Pass -General Admission $31.95 $24.95 -Spectator $6.95 $6.95

BOUNCE HOUSE ~ Let the kids burn some energy at an indoor bounce house

CHUCK E CHEESE ~ Never gets old (including the germs in those places so lots of hand washing)

SHOP/Visit the Mall

Local Friends: GREAT LAKES CROSSING has a fun arcade/play area for kids. & Rainforest Cafe


Local Friends: Heritage Park-Taylor -Barn is heated

ZOO ~ many zoo’s have winter activities.

So there you have it 25+ ideas to keep your children entertained during their break from school.

Coming soon, 25+ ideas to help you recover from your kids being home from school for two weeks. 😉

LOCAL FRIENDS (Wyandotte Michigan Area)  Fun things to do for families in downriver Michigan local business listing.

I would love to hear your ideas too! Feel free to comment below.

Happy School Break Days to you!


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