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What to do with left over Tonic Water and Limes?

on January 8, 2013

leftover wine,tonic and lime

The party was a success! But, what will you do with the left over wine, tonic & fruit?   It doesn’t happen very often but once in a while you end up with left overs.

I was dumping out quarter full bottles of tonic and hated being wasteful. Saving it in the bottle is useless because it goes flat too fast.

So I decided to make tonic ice cubes for future use instead of just dumping it down the sink. Turns out, it was a super idea! The next time we had a party, I was able to make Gin & Tonics w/tonic-lime ice cubes. No more watered down drinks. Sweet!

left over tonic

Or if you prefer, you can use tonic water to preserve plants and flowers. Simply mix one part tonic water with two parts water to keep your blooms fresh longer.

What about any left over fruit you may have cut up to be used as a garnish? If you have left over oranges, limes and or lemons, take the fruit and add to ice cube trays w/water. Once frozen, I transfer the cubes to freezer storage bags so as not to use up all my ice cube trays. These fruit ice cubes are the perfect addition to a glass of water!  Love my lemon water in the morning!

lemon lime orange ice cubes

And sometimes there may even be wine left over, you can freeze in to cubes as well to be used at another time. For some great uses for leftover wine ideas visit  Real Simple .

Just wanted to share these ideas with you. Would love to hear your ideas for left over wine, tonic & or fruit.

Happy Ice Cubing to you! 😉

~ Betty

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