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Are Baby Teeth Important?

on March 20, 2013

Are Baby Teeth Important?

Are baby (primary) teeth important?

 Have you ever wondered whether or not baby teeth are important? They’re just so small and are just going to fall out anyway. They can’t be that important. Right?

Wrong. Baby teeth are very important and according to the American Dental Association this is why:

” A child’s primary teeth, sometimes called “baby teeth,” are as important as the permanent adult teeth. Primary teeth typically begin to appear when a baby is between age 6 months and 1 year. Primary teeth help children chew and speak. They also hold space in the jaws for permanent teeth that are growing under the gums.”

That’s why caring for baby teeth and keeping them cavity-free is so important.

Even if there doesn’t seem to be any problems with your baby’s teeth, The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry states that “children should see a dentist when they get their first tooth and not later than 1 year of age. “ At this age, they are too young to be nervous. This is meant to be a fun, educational, introductory visit to the dentist. Starting early, often leads to a lifetime of good dental care habits.

The dentist can give you advice about:

baby tooth care



thumb sucking

and answer any questions or concerns you may have about your child’s teeth/mouth.

To learn more about how to care for your baby’s precious little teeth & smile – visit this earlier post: Caring For Your Baby’s Smile.

Happy & Healthy Smiles to you and your family!



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