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Preparing for a Tea Party

on April 15, 2013

Spring Break Activities: Tea parties, sleepover’s, painting and much, much more!

One of the sleepover’s during spring break included a painting activity.  My daughters friend brought with her these adorable tea sets from HomeGoods that her mother so thoughtfully bought for the girls. It comes with the paints and brushes and your child creates a custom tea set. LOVE it!

homegoods tea time set

Awesome right? I love tea sets and painting. In fact, before I started having kids I used to collect tea cups and tea sets and I spent a lot of time painting as a hobby.  However, kids have a way of pushing your hobbies off to the side. That’s alright though, they’re worth it! (…Most of time 😉 )

So I set the table for the girls, gave them aprons, turned on some soft music and let them paint!

bacon and kids

They loved it!! The girls kept saying this is so relaxing, we’re having so much fun.  The two of them spent a few hours painting together.

painting a tea set

My daughter couldn’t wait to bake the tea set so she could have a tea party.

Ready for the oven :)

Ready for the oven 🙂

The next day, she asked that I “put on some “morantic” (romantic) or country music and come to a tea party that she set up for us.”

bacon and kids tea party

We sat together enjoying tea (punch) and muffins and chatting about our day.  She decided it was so much fun that she wants a tea party with all of her friends. So we got a paper & pen and started making our tea party plans.

tea party

I cherish these precious moments with my daughter.

Happy Tea Party or Painting to you!


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2 responses to “Preparing for a Tea Party

  1. Maya says:


    My 5 year old got this exact tea set kit from her aunt on her 2nd birthday, and I set it aside till she was older. We finally painted them this month, and I wish the paint was shiny. I liked that glaze before painting it… Did you put a glaze on top of the paint after firing it in the oven?? Do you know if you can and if so, what kind of glaze would you use? I thought it would protect them more and she would be able to actually eat off them or fill up the little teacups…

    If you could email me, that would be awesome! I would really appreciate it! Thank you!


    • Hello Maya 🙂
      I have no idea about glazes. I actually used some of her other craft paints and they were kind of glossy. Don’t know if that was a good idea or not but she wanted other colors so I pulled out some acrylic paints. I just baked them in the oven as directed. My daughter does use them for our tea parties and so far no paint has chipped off. Hope you are having a great day. Sorry I’m not much help. 🙂

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