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Free Playgroups for Families in Downriver Michigan!

on May 16, 2013

Beautiful Weather is Finally Here!

It’s so much fun spending time outdoors. My children are having a blast playing outside after school.

Have you thought about how you will keep your little ones busy this summer?

Well, Ashley Doute with the Downriver Guidance Center emailed me some great news for parents and their young children.  FREE Playgroups!!

This is what she said:

I offer FREE playgroups to any family regardless of income or where you live, and they are offered weekly (mon-fri)  These are adult-child interaction group which means someone 18 or older must be present with the child.  This doesn’t necessarily mean mom or dad.  Grandma could bring them, aunt or uncle, neighbor, friend, babysitter, etc. and the groups last 1 1/2 hrs long. These groups are offered to you through The Guidance Center, a non-profit organization in Downriver Michigan.  

In my playgroups parents can come and have a cup of coffee and exchange parenting tips and engage in learning with their children.  For the children, we do Arts and Crafts, singing and songs, dancing with music and instruments–sometimes we’ll bring out a parachute, beach balls, streamers, or bubbles!  I set out activities to improve their cognitive abilities and improve their fine and gross motor skills.  We play games such as bingo and musical chairs.  We always do a story time and snack at the end.  A lot of people don’t know about these free groups or resources we have to offer here.  It’s an excellent way to increase socialization and cognitive skills.  These groups also help provide structure in a child’s life which becomes beneficial when they enter preschool or kindergarten.   

Additionally, my room is a lending library and children (with the adult) can rent out books, movies, literacy bags (story and activity), and borrow toys as well.  A lot of my parents now love to borrow the literacy bags 🙂  I also have resources and access to free diapers and formula if the parents need it.  It is for emergencies only and I prefer that they be attending playgroup as I have to go get the diapers and formula and bring them to my site.

My group times and days are listed below.  Starting the first week in June, our summer playgroups will also be beginning.  Siblings are more than welcome to tag along.”

Playgroup Schedule:

Monday-11:30-1 PM
Tuesdays & Wednesdays- 9:30-11:00 AM
Thursday-11:30-1 PM
Friday 10:00-11:30 AM

My contact number is 734-785-7705 x7420

Pretty cool, eh? Sounds like she works hard to ensure a great time for your children and some much needed adult interaction too.


Happy Playgroup Fun to you!!




2 responses to “Free Playgroups for Families in Downriver Michigan!

  1. kelly labadie says:

    Hi my name is kelly i have a 3 yr old son named Aiden. he is an only child and i have heard about these free play groups =) i would love for my son to join one and be around other kids and learn more and just have fun! he is a very smart boy but being around other kids he would just love. if u could email me back with wat i need to do to have him join one that would be great. i live around the southgate area. i look forward to hearing back from you =)
    have a good day!

    • Hello Kelly 🙂 Thank you for the message. I would suggest that you contact Ashley Doute at 734-785-7705 x7420 from the Downriver Guidance Center. Hope she is able to get you set up with a playgroup for Aiden. 😀

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