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End of School Year Gifts for Classmates

on June 10, 2015


As I sat there with our children making end of the school year treat bags for their classmates, I wonder to myself what do I do next year since my son will be in Middle school. Do we still do end of the school year gifts? Hmm

It also occurred to me that I never shared the gifts that we did from last year. Just like this year, I went for super easy and inexpensive.

This was last years….

end of school year gift for classmates

I found those fun & colorful lollipops at the Dollar Store (5 for $1).

Just added ribbon and tags. Easy!

This year, because we are really short on time we’re just doing bags of candy.

Here is what we did…

sweet treats for classmates

Nothing fancy at all but still a sweet little end of the school year treat from the kids to their classmates.

So looking forward to summer vacation!

Happy End Of School Year to You!


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