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45+ Fun Activities For Over The Winter Break

on December 17, 2015


Are your kids as excited as mine are for the Winter Break from School just around the corner?

How will you keep your children happy and busy?

fun things to do in downriver michigan

I put together 45+ School Break Boredom Buster Ideas & Activities. Many are low-cost and most are FREE! (For my local friends, I have included a list of local businesses at the end.)

These activities can be done in a play group setting, just as a family or with friends.

A GRATEFUL HEART ~ Send Homemade Thinking of you, Thank you or Just Because cards to friends & family.

ACTIVITY of Choice ~ Visit Pinterest and let your child pick out an activity or craft idea. Visit my Pinterest Boards.

BAKING ~ Bake and deliver treats to friends & family.

BILLIARDS ~ Go shoot some pool.

BOWLING ~ You know you love wearing those super stylish bowling shoes!

BOUNCE HOUSE ~ Let the kids burn some energy at an indoor bounce house.

CARNIVAL ~ Make an indoor carnival with games, prizes, and snacks.

CHARADES ~ Play charades or put on a comedy/talent show.

CHARITY/DONATE ~ With your children have them go through their toys, books, and games and pick out item’s to donate to a local charity.

CHUCK E CHEESE ~ Never gets old (including the germs in those places so lots of hand washing required with this one.)

COMIC BOOK ~ Create a fun comic book.


  • Teach your kids how to make a simple meal
  • Make a meal/soup for a friend and deliver to them. Let the kids take the meal up to the door, they’ll love surprising someone with dinner.

CRAFT TIME ~ Get all the craft supplies out, gather little odds and ends from around the house (look in the junk drawer), empty tissue boxes, & paper rolls, soup cans, etc. and let them create!

ELECTRONICS ~ Give them some time to play their video games and/or computer screen time.

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS ~ Review & practice emergency drills and check your emergency supplies and bags.

FAMILY Videos ~ Watch old family videos together (kids LOVE watching themselves on the TV)

FAMILY WORSHIP NIGHT ~ Invite friends over for family worship. Bible character/events charades, Bible story reenactments,Bible-themedd craft, etc. (Ideas here: Family Worship Idea’s

FLOOR TIME ~ Play Legos and or Barbies with your kids!

FORT – Build a fort using blankets & furniture cushions.

GAME DAY ~ Get out the Board Games & Cards and set up game stations. Serve snacks & have fun!

JIGSAW PUZZLE ~ Work on putting a puzzle together individually & as a family.

ICE SKATING Indoor or Outdoor Ice Skating

INDOOR GARDEN ~ Plant some fast growing seeds or bulbs.

LIBRARY FREE! Check out some books, movies, video games and music.

MAKE A MESS ~ Make slime, flubber or dough.

MATH FACTS ~ Practice math facts using games.

MOVIE NIGHT-IN ~ Popcorn, treats, comfy pj’s and a good family movie.

MUSEUM ~ Visit local museums

MUSIC TIME ~ Turn up the music and dance!!

PAINT ~ Get the paints and canvas out or visit a local painting studio.

PAPER AIRPLANES ~ Make a variety of paper airplanes and race them.

PARKS ~ Check out one of the many Beautiful Community and Metro Parks.

PETTING FARM ~ Visit your local petting farm.

PICTURE TIME ~ Give them their own camera and let them take pictures of themselves, things around the house, or even outside. I’m always fascinated at seeing photo’s from their perspective.

POTTERY ~ Visit your local pottery studio. (Invite friends)

READ ~ Pick out a new or old favorite book to read. (Craft idea: Make bookmarks)

ROLLER SKATING ~ One of my favorites 😉

SALON ~ Go get a pedicure & manicure with the girls.


SHOP/Visit the Mall

SLEDDING ~ If there is snow of course.

SLEEP OVERLet the kids invite some friends for a sleep over. (Movie, Junk Food, No Bedtime, Games, etc)

SPA DAY ~ Face mask, Make-Up Application, Hair & Nails.

SWIMMING ~ Community Indoor Pool

THEATER/MOVIES ~ Ticket prices cheaper during the day.

USE YOUR IMAGINATION ~ Allow your children to use their imaginations to come up with their own idea’s of fun.

VIDEO CAMERA ~ Give the kids your video camera and let them make their own movies. They LOVE this!

WATERPARK ~ Indoor water park will you allow you to pretend it’s summer for a day.

ZOO ~ many zoo’s have winter activities.

Lot’s of idea’s to help make their winter break from school a memorable one. 🙂

LOCAL FRIENDS (Wyandotte, Michigan Area) remember to check the list Below for Local Businesses.

I would love to hear your ideas too! Feel free to comment below.

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Happy Winter School Break Days to you!


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Local Businesses ( Downriver Michigan)


Sky Zone – Taylor


SKATELAND – Woodhaven

Lincoln Park Skating Center – Lincoln Park


Play Atlantis – Melvindale


Indian Lanes – Wyandotte

Parkway Lanes – Trenton

There are several places to Bowl in the Downriver Area




Pips Painting Pub – Wyandotte


Yack Arena – Wyandotte

Southgate Arena

Kennedy Recreation Center – Trenton


GREAT LAKES CROSSING has a fun arcade/play area for kids. Aquarium & Rainforest Cafe


MJR Theatre, Southgate

Trenton Village Theater – Trenton


The Henry Ford – Dearborn

Hands On Museum – Ann Arbor

Michigan Science Center Detroit

Cranbrook Institute of Science – Bloomfield Hills


Bacon Memorial Library – Wyandotte


Splash Universe – Dundee


Pottery Creations – Wyandotte

Clayin’ Around Pottery – Allen Park


Taylor Petting Farm (heated barn!)– Taylor


Bishop Park – Wyandotte

Elizabeth Park – Trenton

Heritage Park – Taylor

and Many Beautiful Metro Parks


Zap Zone – Taylor


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