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Bible Character Costume Party


In May, I hosted a Bible Character Costume Party for our congregation.  We had so much fun!

It was a lot of work planning and preparing for it… totally worth it though.

Dinner Menu…

BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders, Philly Beef Sliders, Mac N Cheese, Baked Beans, Potato Salad, Loaded Potato Salad, Cole Slaw,Fruit Platters & Variety of Pies and Cookies

bible party dinner menu

tables bible party

Kingdom melodies played during dinner.


I had prizes ( Gift cards and Gift Baskets) for Best Costume, Most Creative Costume and a prize for the Winners of the games we played.

Divided the guests into 4 groups/teams to play the games. Played the games Minute to Win it style.  That was so much fun seeing all the friends trying so hard (looking silly) to win for their teams.

Wrapping Lazarus:

Each team was given a roll of toilet paper to wrap Lazarus. We selected one person from each team to be Lazarus and set the timer for 2 minutes. The team that wrapped the fastest and had the most coverage won.

bible party game wrap lazarus

Collection Manna: This game was hilarious! I had every team member put a little vaseline on the tip of their nose and they had to pick up cotton balls using their nose (no hands) and transfer the cotton (manna) to another plate. The team that collected the most manna won.

bible party game collecting manna

Bible Puzzles: Each team had to put together 2 puzzles. Both puzzles were of Biblical scenes taken from the cover of 2 publications. The picture was glued to a cereal box and cut out in 12 pieces (I think..maybe it was 15?) We gave the teams 2 minutes to put their puzzles together….pretty sure we may have extended the time just a bit.

Bible Puzzle game for bible party


Book of the Bible Cup Stack: I wrote the names of each book of the Bible on styrofoam cups…each team had to stack the cups by putting them in order of the books of the Bible. The team that had the most Bible books in the correct order, stacked in the time allotted won.

cup stack game bible book order

books of the bible cup stack game

Photo Props…

We made some Biblical props such as, Scrolls, Ten commandments on tablets (spray painted foam board), Ephod breastplate and some of the other props were just for fun.

bible party photo props

Bible party decorations

We hung a Biblical scene photo backdrop ( My sister painted a canvas). The photo area was a huge hit. Everyone really enjoyed posing for pictures. 😀

The first picture is of my family…

bible costume party

and here are some of the friends dressed in their costumes…

bible costume party aquilla and prisca



bible costume party ruth and noami


Putting your costume together does not have to cost a lot of money. Many of the friends went to second-hand stores and found clothes/items for very little money. Pinterest will provide you with lots of costume ideas.  Check out my board: Bible Costume Ideas on Pinterest .

Pillow Cases, Table Cloths, Bath Robes, Scarves, Jewelry, Etc. can easily be found in these stores.  Also, Party City has a nice selection of Biblical costumes.

bible costume

the shepherd boy and the shulamite girl costumes

Abigail, moses, david, samson bible costumes

bible character costumes

bible character costumes kids

The friends were commenting that they could not wait for the next Bible party… maybe next year. 😉

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Happy Bible Character Costume Party planning to you!


P.S. I didn’t get a chance to get permission to post everyone’s photo, so until I do, I blocked out some faces. 😛


End of School Year Gifts for Classmates


As I sat there with our children making end of the school year treat bags for their classmates, I wonder to myself what do I do next year since my son will be in Middle school. Do we still do end of the school year gifts? Hmm

It also occurred to me that I never shared the gifts that we did from last year. Just like this year, I went for super easy and inexpensive.

This was last years….

end of school year gift for classmates

I found those fun & colorful lollipops at the Dollar Store (5 for $1).

Just added ribbon and tags. Easy!

This year, because we are really short on time we’re just doing bags of candy.

Here is what we did…

sweet treats for classmates

Nothing fancy at all but still a sweet little end of the school year treat from the kids to their classmates.

So looking forward to summer vacation!

Happy End Of School Year to You!


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Teacher Appreciation Mexican Fiesta Luncheon


Teacher appreciation week is over. For the final day of Teacher Appreciation week, we invited the teachers and staff to join us for a Mexican Fiesta Lunch in the library. If you want to see what we did earlier in the week visit here and here.

Somehow, there was some miscommunication and the first lunch started 40 minutes earlier than expected. Needless to say, myself and some of the other parents and a staff member scrambled to set up as fast as we could! It certainly wasn’t set up as I had envisioned. There were decorations that didn’t get displayed (Such as giant inflatable cactus) and some food that didn’t get placed in nice serving dishes. We did the best we could in a very short amount of time.

However, the teacher’s loved it!  Some even said it was their favorite week of the year. 😀

Upon entering the library, the teachers were greeted and helped to get in a festive kind of mood by hearing fun fiesta music playing.

This was the main table where our teachers ate their lunch.

teacher appreciation mexican fiesta lunch centerpiece

We did set the tables with bowls of chips & salsa and wrapped silverware. I forgot to take a picture after it was completely set. It looked pretty cute.

teacher appreciation week mexican fiesta lunch

The menu:  Shredded Beef, Shredded Chicken, Mexican Rice, Cheesy Corn, Refried Beans, Festive Fruit Salad, Stuffed Peppers, Taco shells, tortilla’s, chips & pico de gallo,  salsa and a ton of toppings. (4 different cheese, sour cream, spicy sour cream, green and black olives, lettuce, tomato, jalapeno, cilantro, white, red and green onion and guacamole).

This was part of the food table…..

teacher appreciation food table spread

Kills me to see the sour cream in their original containers. And the fresh guacamole in that bowl. BTW, the guacamole went fast!

Chips and Pico de gallo (recipe here) served in giant margarita glasses.

teacher appreciation chips and salsa glass

The local Mexican bakery was happy to donate a tray of cookies and one of the parents made these little cakes.

teacher appreciation fiesta lunch

teacher appreciation lunch bacon and kids

We had two buckets filled with drinks. One with Iced Tea and water and the other with several different kinds of soda.

It turned out to be a great lunch!

My brain is already filling up with some ideas for next year. Shhh… don’t tell my husband.

Happy future teacher appreciation weeks to you!


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Teacher Appreciation Week – Fruit Baskets, Snack Trays & More

Teacher Appreciation Week 2015 – Day 2

Snacks for the teachers.

I delivered this tray full of snacks and a basket of candy to the teacher’s lounge.

teacher appreciation snacks candy

teacher appreciation day snacks

By the next morning. most everything had been devoured. 🙂

Day 3 –

Theme: “We Couldn’t Have Picked Better Teachers!”

teacher appreciation sign

Gift:  Fresh fruit and flower pots.

teacher appreciation flower table pots

Up close…

teacher appreciation flowers

And the fresh fruit…

teacher appreciation fruit baskets and labelsI added little signs to the baskets…

“You’re the APPLE of our eyes”

“ORANGE you glad summer is almost here?

“You’re awesome to the CORE”

“You’re all just PLUM PEAR-fect!”

“We’re BANANAS for you. You’re loved BUNCHES”

teacher appreciation fruit flowers signs

Inexpensive and fun!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to you all!


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Teacher Appreciation Week 2015 – Superhero Breakfast

Good Morning!

To kick off Teacher Appreciation Week 2015, we started with a Superhero Teacher Breakfast.

Table set and ready to go…

superhero teachers

Breakfast Menu:

Sausage & Egg Muffins, Pastries and Muffins, Fruit Salad, Yogurt, Energy Balls and Juice.

superhero teacher breakfast

teacher appreciation superhero teachers breakfast

teacher appreciation week simply juiceYep, the juice containers wore capes 🙂

Here is a poster we made to welcome our teachers…

teacher appreciation week ideas

Super way to start the week!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to you!


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Teacher Appreciation Week 2014 Day 1 Popcorn Station

Teacher Appreciation Week 2014 – Day 1

Popcorn Station

teacher appreciation week for our popular teachers

We made a cute sign to go with our popcorn theme:

teacher appreciation week betty hayden

We provided a few different popcorn flavors and a plain popcorn that the teachers could season with their choice of several different popcorn seasonings.

teacher appreciation week popcorn station

And some movie theater size boxed candy and soda.

teacher appreciation week popcorn station candyA “pop”ular start to their special week!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!



Earth Day Snack

For Earth Day I made these little dirt cup snacks for both of my kids’ classmates & teachers. 

cup of dirt dessert

It really is an easy, fun & delicious snack – however, I totally underestimated how much time I would need to put them together. Had I made enough pudding and crushed enough Oreo’s before I got started would have made the process a little quicker.

Earth day school snack dirt dessert

These ones were for my daughters classroom..

I made enough for both classrooms – 60 cups of dirt dessert!!

embellish plastic spoons with flowers

My daughter and I hot glued flowers & leaves to green spoons. Super easy! They turned out very pretty.

flowers on spoons

My daughter wanted to make a special butterfly spoon for her teacher. :)

My daughter wanted to make a special butterfly spoon for her teacher. 🙂

I layered the cups with crumbled brownie, added some chocolate pudding, crushed Oreo’s for the dirt look and of course, what would a cup of dirt be without adding some gummy worms?!  

Our kids thought they looked awesome and couldn’t wait to enjoy them during snack time at school.

When I dropped the snacks off this morning to their classrooms, the students eyes lit up! Although, I did ask them to close their eyes for a second while I attempted to embarrass my son and kiss him on the cheek. He quickly dropped to the floor to avoid the kiss. LOL

Cup of dirt dessert

These are the ones for my sons classmates & teacher 😀

Generally, the mid morning school snack is supposed to be a healthy one but their teachers made an exception for the Earth Day celebration. Besides, there is a lot of milk in the pudding right? Oh, and the brownies have eggs! 😉

Happy Earth Day to you!


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Preparing for a Tea Party

Spring Break Activities: Tea parties, sleepover’s, painting and much, much more!

One of the sleepover’s during spring break included a painting activity.  My daughters friend brought with her these adorable tea sets from HomeGoods that her mother so thoughtfully bought for the girls. It comes with the paints and brushes and your child creates a custom tea set. LOVE it!

homegoods tea time set

Awesome right? I love tea sets and painting. In fact, before I started having kids I used to collect tea cups and tea sets and I spent a lot of time painting as a hobby.  However, kids have a way of pushing your hobbies off to the side. That’s alright though, they’re worth it! (…Most of time 😉 )

So I set the table for the girls, gave them aprons, turned on some soft music and let them paint!

bacon and kids

They loved it!! The girls kept saying this is so relaxing, we’re having so much fun.  The two of them spent a few hours painting together.

painting a tea set

My daughter couldn’t wait to bake the tea set so she could have a tea party.

Ready for the oven :)

Ready for the oven 🙂

The next day, she asked that I “put on some “morantic” (romantic) or country music and come to a tea party that she set up for us.”

bacon and kids tea party

We sat together enjoying tea (punch) and muffins and chatting about our day.  She decided it was so much fun that she wants a tea party with all of her friends. So we got a paper & pen and started making our tea party plans.

tea party

I cherish these precious moments with my daughter.

Happy Tea Party or Painting to you!


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I can’t find a pencil! ~ Organizing Homework Supplies with Totes.

Homework Totes

“I can’t find a pencil!”   “This pencil isn’t sharp!”   “Where are my scissors?”   Words I would often hear when it came time for my kids to do their homework.  Drove me crazy!

It was time to find a solution to this homework madness.

So I made these cute little homework totes.

Homework Tote

I bought the totes for only a dollar 🙂

I cut down and glued toilet paper rolls to the inside to hold the pencils, scissors, etc.

Personalized the totes for each child (need to add my daughter’s name to hers)

These totes hold all the homework supplies that they typically need each day.

When it’s time for them to do their homework they simply grab the tote and bring it to the table.

Works like a charm! Best of all, I no longer hear the dreaded words,  “I can’t find a pencil!”

I would love to hear about your homework organization solutions and ideas. Feel free to comment below.

Happy Homework Organization to you!


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Fun with Play Dough

Play Dough is so much fun!

My kids are in third & first grades and both had play dough on their school supplies list for the start of this school year. In fact, at “Meet The Teachers” night, they asked for donations of play dough.  It had me thinking about how much kids (& some adults) like to play with dough.   When the kids were younger we made our own play dough (recipe below) on a few different occasions (pictured below)  and they LOVED it!  We have about 100 different cookie/dough cutter shapes so this project would always keep them occupied for a long time.

Why is it that playing with dough is so much fun and good for your child too?  More on that in a minute, I must first share these adorable faces (yes, I am partial 😉 and I added the recipe we used along with some other dough recipes.


They had a blast making their own play dough!

Easy Play Dough Recipe

1 cup cold water
2 teaspoons vegetable oil (I used olive oil)
1 cup salt
2 cups flour
2 tablespoons cornstarch
Food coloring

In a large bowl, mix together water, salt, and oil.  Mix flour and cornstarch and add 1/2 cup at a time, stirring constantly. (May need to add more or less flour to get the consistency you want.)  If you are making it all one color add the food coloring when mixing the liquids in the first step. I separated the dough to make a few different colors for the kids.  Knead the dough for a minute with floured hands.

Big mess = Happy kids 😉

So why is playing with dough so great?

It’s not just a fun activity for your child, it can be a healthy and safe outlet for releasing extra energy and can help to calm a child during a stressful time. It also assists your child in these areas:

Imagination and Creativity

Science and Discovery

Math and Literacy Development

Fine Motor Development

The Imagination Tree shares each of the areas I listed and explains the  benefits in detail as well they share  a ton of fun ideas for play dough. Seriously, check it out. Very cool information and tips!

Pretty amazing stuff, huh?

Have fun with some dough today 🙂

Happy Dough Making to you and your child!

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Here are some other recipes for making dough:

Oatmeal Play Dough

1 cup flour
1 cup water
2 cups oatmeal

Mix everything together in a large bowl. Then knead for a few minutes.

Kool-Aid Play Dough

1 cup flour
1 cup water
1/2 cup salt
3 teaspoons Cream of Tartar
1 package Kool-Aid Mix (any flavor of unsweetened)
1 tablespoon cooking oil

Mix dry ingredients together in a large saucepan. Slowly add water mixed with oil and stir over medium heat until mixture thickens to dough. Turn out onto a heat proof bread board or counter top and knead until cool enough for children to handle. Dough will be the color of the Kool-Aid mix and will smell like the Kool-Aid mix. (Can be stored in a tightly covered container for up to six months)

For more edible  dough recipes check out

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