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End of School Year Classmates Gift

on June 12, 2012

School vacation is almost here! Wow!  Only two more days left of school for my kids.  Time for end of year gifts for their fellow classmates.

My dear daughter graduates from Kindergarten on Wednesday.  I can’t believe she will be starting first grade! (sigh)

With each child of mine having over 30 kids in their classes, I decided to make it a little easier we would do the same gifts for both.

This is what we did:

End of School Gift for Classmates

Fairly easy but a little time-consuming putting all the bags together but I think they turned out very nice.

My daughter had one of her classmates over with her mom to help us with the kindergarten class gifts.

Some of the supplies 🙂


Tote bag  (3 for $1)


Foam Bookmark (6 for $1)

Kool- Aid  (10 for $1)

Bubbles  (3 for $1)


Silly Straws  (6 for $1)

(Glue, ribbon, scissors, etc.)

Oh, and I found those cute little pinwheel picks.  (6 for $1)

Everything came from the dollar store. (Except for the kool-aid)   So really not a bad price!

The tags say:

Have a Krazy Kool Summer!

Hmm, I’m wondering what kind of little gift we will do with the start of the school year. Well, I have some time to think about that one 🙂 Thank goodness.

Did you do any end of the school year gifts?

End Of School Year Gift For Classmates 🙂

I’d love to hear your thoughts, please leave me a comment.  Also, feel free to share this post with your friends and family.

Thank you and Happy Gifting to you!

Gift for classmates


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