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Teacher Appreciation Gifts

on May 17, 2012

How do your kids show appreciation for their teacher(s)?  Show up to school every day?  Pay attention in class? Complete their homework on time?  These are all great ways to show their appreciation but are expected from them too.  Sometimes it’s nice to do something unexpected for the teacher(s).  A little gift is unexpected and most appreciated.

The first full week in May is officially Teacher Appreciation Week.  However, any time during the school year we can surprise the teachers with a gift.  Something homemade, a gift card or a purchased gift are all nice ideas.

The kids wanted to give their teachers something special for Teacher Appreciation Week but we were short on time so this is what we came up with:

Gift Baskets for the teachers…

The gift baskets included some office supplies, mini picture frame, nail files, nail polish, candy & tissues.

Some of the contents for the gift basket

We wrapped it all up and added a flower pen that the kids made. The middle of the flower said:  Thank you for helping me grow. (I would have printed a tag for the flowers but my printer was down.  Still looked cute with the kids handwriting…)

All wrapped and ready to go…

Their teachers LOVED the gift baskets and then I remembered….

What about the Teacher’s Aide?  My daughter has two and they really deserved a little gift too, so this is what we did for them:

We put together little flower pots with a basil plant.  Made little markers one that said “Basil” and the other a flower and the leaf said: “Thank you for helping me Grow.”

How cute are these?

I used foam flowers and butterflies and just glued them to a popsicle stick.

A closer look…

How easy is that?!   Oh, and the cost about $1.50.

It’s nothing super fancy  but I think they are cute and useful.

My daughter was so excited to take them to school today.

These pots would make great hostess and or housewarming gifts, wouldn’t they?

Well, summer vacation is right around the corner so it will be time for us to give the teachers their End of the School Year thank you gifts.  I’m thinking of making these Summer Relaxation Gift Bags that I found on Skip To My Lou, they’re very cool check it out here:

The kids and I will also come up with something for their classmates…. Hmm, what will we make for 70 kids???

Happy Teacher (& Student) Appreciation Gift Making (or purchasing) to you!


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